French Language Certification KPg C1-C2 - Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 + Key + 3CD


   LEVEL C - Integrated          (Approved by the Ministry of Education)


   ISBN: 978-960-8268-16-6

    Diplomas (KŠć) are recognized by the supreme council for civil personnel selection (ASEP) and they are valid without

    limitation  of duration - Certification organized by the MINEDU*


  Price: 20 (Livre KPg C1-C2) - ISBN: 978-960-8268-16-6


  Price: 35 (Livre KPg C1-C2 + Key + 3CD) - ISBN: 978-960-8268-16-6-X



   more 1000 oral & written exercises

   all competences of Level KPg C1-C2

   ▪ Key of oral & written exercises

   ▪ Vocabulary of oral & written exercises - Vocabulary KPg C1-C2


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 * Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs